“Anthropomorphic tools, sensitive perception amplifiers shaped as reaction-provoking sound sculptures, performances and installations, enter into non-verbal dialogue with space and spectator. Appearing partly morbid in their initial impression, moments stretch into infinity in repetitive cycles, removing the temporal pressure of analysis. Repetition as a burning glass for reflection. The search for that driving force which demands the impulse to action runs as a guiding motif through my artistic work. In insistent distance, I observe the interconnectedness of systems, gradually approach their causal chains and examine, using the law of conservation of energy from physics as a theoretically applied formula, assumptions of possible variables of understanding.” Artist Statement – Lena Zwerina
 Ephemeral Antipodes
Ephemeral Antipodes is an interactive and space-occupying sound installation. The veins of the electronic world, simple wires grow into copper sculptures. Analog components on circuit boards create the sound and speakers installed inside fragile clay bowls collapse under their own resonance. Ephemeral Antipodes is a place that brings peripheral emotions front of mind again. An overwhelming real-time simulation of possible actions without result and ideal solution. Cause and effect – mutually provoking catalysts, which increase from monotonous routine into unreflected impulsivity. An experiment on perception and irritability. A simulation between control and transgression, which finds a possible end in its overstimulation and its resulting collapse.

Performance by Kiesecker Hoess.

Winner of the 2023 Heinrich-Hertz Society Price, honored by Fördergesellschaft ZKM/HfG e.V.
Multi-Channel Sound,
untitled or vaseline
For ‘Sanare’ group exhibition with Sarai Rose Duke, Julia Dörflinger & Lucia Hawes
Curated by Sarai Rose Duke

At Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe
Stereo Sound,
(Motor, Piezos, Glas, Latex, Metal, Wood, Ink)
Osmotic Pressure
Osmosis is the diffusion of particles through a selectively permeable membrane.
Collaboration with Lisa Bergmann.

At westwind Karlsruhe 2017 & Tag der offenen Tür Hfg/ZKM 2019
2-Channel Video Installation,
Stereo Sound
00:11:15 loop
The Organ (Das Organ)
Floating above your head while infecting your presence with subconscious rays.

At Neues Museum Freiburg 2017
(Latex, IR Diodes, Helium)
Of Aliens and Goddesses, Bandages and Bondages.
Collaboration with Vanessa Bosch and Shuaitong Zong.

At Centro De Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Havana / Cuba 2017
Wind, snow – perceivable coldness. A person appears, blurs into another individual – or does she merge with herself? Oscillating between wide angels and close-ups, patterns, structures and formations of different landscapes emerge. The nowhere.

Official Selection Hong Kong Art-House Film Festival 2017
3-Channel Video Installation,
Stereo Sound
00:07:17 loop
The unity of the engrams forms the memory. An unconscious reflection of the

At Nordic House, Reykjavik 2015
2-Channel Video Installation,
Stereo Sound,
3D scanned and printed Objects
00:07:38 loop
a//d RGB Iceland
Substance Analog Digital Numeric

At 700IS – Reindeerland festival 2014, Egilsstaðir / Iceland 2014
2-Channel Video Installation,
Soil Samples
07/2023 – Recipient of the Heinrich-Hertz Society Price, honored by Fördergesellschaft ZKM/HfG e.V.
10/2013 – 04/2023 Karlsruhe University Of Arts And Design, Karlsruhe // Media Art And Philosophy (Diploma) with
Anja Dorn, Darsha Hewitt, Heike Schuppelius, Isaac Julien, Lorenz Schwarz, Matteo Pasquinelli, Michael Bielicky, Omar Fast, Susanne Kriemann.
05/2017–02/2018 Teaching Assistant To Darsha Hewitt
08/2015–01/2016 The New School / Parsons, New York // Media Studies (Graduate) With Marylin Cohen, Lana Lin, Vladan Nicolic, Christiane Paul
06/2015 Scholarship Baden-Württemberg & New School/Parsons New York 
*5/June/1993 Nuremberg (Germany)

Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances Germany
07/2023 Exhibition: Rundgang, HfG Karlsruhe – (Ephemeral Antipodes)
03/2023 Exhibition: Ephemeral Antipodes, HfG Karlsruhe – (Ephemeral Antipodes)
05/2021 Performance: Off_Track II, Kulturverein Tempel E.V., Karlsruhe with Mira Hirtz, Sopo Kashakashvili, Jonas Petry, Robert Buschbacher – (Untitled) 
02/2020 Exhibition: Sanare, Akademie Der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe – (Untitled Or Vaseline)
07/2019 Visuals: J. Christ, Dämmerstock Karlsruhe – (Untitled Live Visuals)
04/2019 Visuals: Le Pauvre Matelot, Kleines Haus Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Dresden with Matthias Otto & Philipp Eckle – (Armer Matrose)
01/2019 Exhibition: Tag Der Offenen Tür Hfg/ZKM, Karlsruhe with Lisa Bergmann – (Osmotic Pressure)
02/2018 Exhibition: (Un)Portable Media Experiment, Hfg Karlsruhe with Nis Petersen – (Geraeusche)
10/2017 Visuals: Daeg Daeg Mar Mar, Karlsruhe – (Anatomy)
09/2017 Exhibition: Westwind, Mrs. Sporty Fitness-Studio Karlsruhe with Lisa Bergmann – (Osmotic Pressure)
07/2017 Exhibition: 25 Years HfG, HfG Karlsruhe – (Tentacle Tension For Dumpster Drum Machine)
07/2017 Exhibition: 25 Years HfG, HfG Karlsruhe with Vanessa Bosch & Shuaitong Zong – (Einwerk)
07/2017 Exhibition: Visibility, Museum Für Neue Kunst Freiburg – (The Organ)
08/2016 Exhibition: Kamuna, Karlsruhe – (Enthalpy)
07/2016 Exhibition: 101, Hfg Karlsruhe – (Enthalpy)
07/2016 Exhibition: Rundgang, HfG Karlsruhe – (War of Words, Bathe in White)
03/2016 Exhibition: Green For Globale, Hfg Karlsruhe – (Untitled)
12/2014 Exhibition: Where Is The F*Kkin Christmas Tree?, HfG Karlsruhe – (a//d RGB Iceland)
07/2014 Exhibition: Go Home, ZKM Car Park Karlsruhe – (Living Space)
02/2014 Exhibition: Natalie’s Port Men, Rhine Port Karlsruhe – (Wind.Wave)
10/2013 Exhibition: Go Paburikku – Beichtstuhl Und Sushi, Monastery Ruin Frauenalb Karlsruhe with Mara Ittel & Felix Buchholz – (If I Were A Sound)

Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances International
02/2018 Exhibition: Retour Vers… Le Second Square, Carreau Du Temple, Paris/France with Malek Hedhly, Samy Kefy & Guofan Xiong – (Heart The Hit) 
12/2017 Exhibition: Eniarof E-Festival, Tunis/Tunisia with Malek Hedhly, Samy Kefy & Guofan Xiong (Heart the Hit)
09/2017 Screening: Official Selection, Art-House Film Festival, Hong-Kong – (Enthalpy) 
02/2017 Performance: Centro De Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, Havana/Cuba with Vanessa Bosch & Shuaitong Zong – (Einwerk) 
12/2015 Visuals: Borrowed Feathers for Art Basel Miami, Miami/USA – (Untitled for Tesha)
11/2015 Visuals: Upcoming Indie Showcase // Vol 1, Pianos, Manhattan, New York City/USA – (Untitled for Tesha)
01/2015 Exhibition: Morphing – 700is Hreindýraland 10 Ára / 700is Reindeerland 10 Year Anniversary, Nordic House, Reykjavik/Iceland – (en.gramma)
10/2014 Exhibition: 700is – Reindeerland Festival, Egilsstaðir/Iceland – (a//d RGB Iceland)

07/2023 Video: Documentation of Ephemeral Antipodes (2-Channel Version)
03/2023 Installation: Ephemeral Antipodes
05/2021 Performance: Untitled For Off_Track II with Mira Hirtz, Sopo Kashakashvili, Jonas Petry, Robert Buschbacher
05/2021 Object: Bowel 
05/2021 Installation: How To Defrost A Fridge With Sounds And Motors
02/2021 Essay: Zur Doppeldeutigkeit Der Bilder – Interview Mit Einer Fotografin
02/2020 Object: Untitled Or Vaseline 
07/2019 Video: Untitled Live Visuals
04/2019 Video: Armer Matrose with Matthias Otto & Philipp Eckle
02/2018 Installation: Geräusche with Nis Petersen
12/2017 Installation: Heart The Hit With Malek Hedhly, Samy Kefy & Guofan Xiong
10/2017 Video: Anatomy
09/2017 Installation: Osmotic Pressure with Lisa Bergmann
07/2017 Object: Tentacle Tension For Dumpster Drum Machine
07/2017 Object: The Organ
02/2017 Performance: Einwerk with Vanessa Bosch & Shuaitong Zong
07/2016 Installation: Enthalpy
03/2016 Video: Untitled(Green)
12/2015 Video: Dreams
01/2015 Installation & Performance: en.gramma
07/2014 Performance: Living Space
10/2014 Installation: a//d RGB Iceland
02/2014 Installation: Wind.Wave
10/2013 Installation: If I Were A Sound with Mara Ittel & Felix Buchholz

06/2019 Foto/Text Contribution: In Defense Of Style Magazine, Hfg Karlsruhe
11/2018 Set Design: Acht.Vierzehn, Karlsruhe: Victor Van Wetten, Carina Obrecht
11/2016 Fashion Shooting: Mutual Solitude: Eunsong Joo
08/2016 Set Design: Mustermann, Karlsruhe: Carina Obrecht
06/2016 Set Design: Surface Black/Blue/Green, Karlsruhe: Ira Konyukhova
01/2016 Music Video: Tesha – Bathe In White, New York City/USA with Tesha And Cole Carter
07/2015 Music Video: Frank Potens – Istanbul Insomnia, Karlsruhe
05/2015 Music Video: Hatred  War Of Words, Coburg

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